Complex Developmental Behavioural Conditions (CDBC)

The Complex Developmental Behavioural Conditions Program was developed by Northern Health and MCFD to provide multidisciplinary assessments and support services to children with complex behaviours aged 0-19 and their families.  The program is managed by the Northern Health Assessment Network (NHAN).

What is CDBC? 

Complex Developmental Behavioural Conditions (CDBC) is a term used to describe significant difficulties that may affect an individual in multiple areas of functioning, such as learning and development, mental health and behavior, adaptive and social skills.  Some examples of CDBC are, Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD), Complex Child and Youth (CCY), ADHD, and ADD (not including Autism).

What is the CDBC Keyworker role? 

The Keyworker (KW) has two main roles:  1.  To support families who have been referred  through the assessment and diagnostic process (NHAN)   2.  To provide Key Worker support services to families who do not require an assessment; to link families to community service providers and healthcare professionals, provide education to parents, caregivers, community agencies on FASD and CDBC; link parents to Parent Support Groups.

How to access Services and the CDBC team? 

Please ask your physician for a referral to your local pediatrician.  They are required to fill out necessary information for the assessment pathway (NHAN).   A KW will contact you regarding the need for assessment and support services as well as gather information including your child’s strengths and challenges.  Support will be offered to link your child and/or family with community services and programs.  After the assessment process, a report will be provided including recommendations to help your child in school, at home, and in the community.  The assessment may involve the CDBC team including; pediatrician, psychologist, occupational therapist (OT) and/or speech language pathologist (SLP).  If an asssessment is not required families can self refer for Keyworker services.

Benefits of an Assessment and Diagnosis? 

• Discovery of individual strengths and abilities
• Shared understanding among family members and community
• Increased self-acceptance and self-confidence for children with CDBC.
• Increased awareness of individual needs.
• A broad-range multidisciplinary assessment for future planning based on the child’s strength and needs.

See Referral flow chart on services process.

If you have any questions about referrals to the CDBC program, please contact the Keyworker directly at 250-847-4122 or

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