BV CDC Staff - Code of Ethics

Bulkley Valley Child Development Centre

Employee Code of Ethics

Act with integrity and in good faith in all dealings with children, families, colleagues and the community.
Communicate honestly, endeavoring to be accurate and objective.
Treat as confidential information about the children, families and colleagues with whom they work.
Conscientiously carry out professional responsibilities and duties.
Acknowledge real or potential conflicts of interest and act in accordance with the principles of the Code of Ethics.
Respect the dignity of children, families, colleagues and others with whom we interact.
Respect and safeguard the personal property of clients, BV CDC visitors, other employees and the BV CDC property.
Plan inclusive programs that communicate respect; for diversity regarding ability, culture, gender, socio-economic status, sexual orientation and family composition.
Accurately present professional qualifications, education, skills and professional affiliations.
Not condone or ignore physical, verbal, psychological abuse.
Ensure that the rights of all clients, stakeholders, other employees shall include freedom from abuse, financial or other exploitation, retaliation, humiliation and neglect.

“Understanding and Respecting Confidentiality and Code of Ethics Agreement” is signed at the time recruitment and then annually reviewed and signed.

Allegations of violations of ethical conduct by employees of the BV CDC will be investigated promptly and thoroughly by the Executive Director.  Allegations determined to be true are dealt with promptly in accordance with the guidelines of the appropriate professional organization, the laws of B.C. and the policies and procedures of the BV CDC.

BV CDC is committed to the provision of quality services in a family-centered environment.  The BV CDC Society is fortunate to have highly qualified and caring staff, if you would like to speak to anyone about services, programs  or the BV CDC in general you can reach us at the following:

Kerri Bassett, Executive Director - 250-876-8740                     
Accounting Administrator                                                           
Estelle Wojdak - Office Administrator/Smithers - 250-847-4122

Early Years
Kathy Petursson - MOSTCommittee Coordinator - 250-877-3494
Child Care Resource & Referral (250) 847-8824
Shannon Cote, CCRR Coordinator                                             
Inge Tersago, Resource Educator                                               
Kathy Petursson, Family Resource Consultant                           
Infant Development Program
Ellen Anderson, IDP Consultant – 778-210-0318                       
Kaila Greenlees, IDP Consultant – 250-643-3768                      
Early Intervention Program
Regina Tworow, EIP Coordinator (OT) – 778-210-0058             
Darlene Clarke, Occupational Therapist – 778-210-0319          
Jonina Cawsey, Speech Language Pathologist – 778-210-0316
Kathy Rooke, Physiotherapist – 250-643-3872                          
Nellie Dow, Physiotherapist - 250-643-4182                               
Amber Solomon, Therapy Assistant - 778-210-0636                  
Heidi Luhmert, Program Administrative Assistant                       

School Age Therapy Program
Regina Tworow, SCH Coordinator (OT) – 778-210-0058          
Darlene Clarke, Occupational Therapist – 778-210-0319         
Nellie Dow, Physiotherapist – 250-643-4182                             
Simone Beattie,  Physiotherapist – 250-643-3871                     
Kathy Rooke, Physiotherapist – 250-643-3872                          

Family Key Worker
Leah Macknak, Family Keyworker Coordinator – 250-643-2858

Main phone number: 250-847-4122       General Inquiries:

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